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Children's Circle of Support 

This programme focuses on orphans and vulnerable children providing them with “after school” activities, uniforms, clothes and psycho-social and counselling support.

The prime objective in the current environment is to ensure that as many children as possible can be accommodated in this programme and kept busy in the afternoons to ensure they are not exposed to gangs. The gangs are very active in the communities we operate in and children are being recruited into gangs with devastating consequences.

Once a child is part of a gang he / she are forced to use drugs and turn to crime to earn their position in the gang. This results in violence, rape, teenage pregnancies, HIV, and the abuse of women and children.

During the 2015/16 year when we had 10 funding partners we had over 350 children in this programme and we provided a mid day meal for them every week day. With the reduced funding we only have just over 100 children in the programme and we don’t feed any children. Our focus is on after-school activities and their safety.

Our Social Carers are a critical part of this programme as they assist the kids with homework and keep them busy with sport and after-school activities until their parents or guardians get home.

It is important to fully understand that both our “Children’s Circle of Support” and our “Sponsor a Child” programmes focus on preventing the children from joining gangs and turning to drugs and crime.

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