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Here are the "Quick & Easy" donation links.

We are appealing to all businesses, local and international swallows and generous, caring people living in the Overstrand to "make a difference" in the lives of our orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged families. 
Thank You for supporting the Hermanus Rainbow Trust in our hour of need !


Please consider "partnering" with the Hermanus Rainbow Trust

The Hermanus Rainbow Trust was founded and registered as a Non-Profit in 1999 and has been providing comprehensive "community and social development" services and support to hundreds of orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged families living in 5 poverty ravaged communities in the Overstrand, ever since.

As a non-profit we are totally dependant on donations from funding agencies, government, business and generous, caring individuals.

Unfortunately during the difficult economic times, funding for Non-profits is the first to be cut. This creates very difficult, traumatic and challenging times for us to be able to continue our services and support, especially to our hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children.

We fully realise everyone is battling during these difficult times, but if we could get as many people as possible to donate a small amount every month that would help us continue providing these essential services and support.

The donation of the cost of a meal at your favourite restaurant would make a huge difference to a child.

We are appealing to everyone who lives, works or has a holiday home in the Overstrand to make either a "one-off" donation or a small  "recurring donation" for the amount you are comfortable with for a year.

Although you can make an EFT payment using the Banking Details on this Page, we have also established quick, easy and safe "Monthly Recurring Donation" pages which are highly secure using South Africa's largest payment gateway that enables you to select the amount you want to donate over 12 months and process it with a single click. (You can Cancel this arrangement at any time)

If you prefer to make a "once off" lump sum donation go here.

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Donation Payment Options 

We have a number of totally secure, safe online payment options to suite everyone.

  • EFT payments - 

Hermanus Rainbow Trust  - ABSA Bank - Hermanus Branch - 632005 - Acc No: 405 790 5316 REF: HRT-HOPE (you can add cell no: if you wish so we can thank you!

  • Recurring monthly Payments - any amount you can help us with - every cent counts - "Donate Now"
  • "One-Off" paymentevery cent makes a difference  "Donate Now"
  • PAYPAL - For our Overseas Friends - Paypal e-mail account - 

Simple, Quick, Easy and totally Secure !

Here are the "Quick & Easy" donation links.

We are appealing to businesses, high wealth individuals, local and international "swallows" and all individuals.

Thank you for considering to support the Hermanus Rainbow Trust to enable us to help supporting our orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged familes while keeping you safe.