Feeding Achievements

Feeding Programmes Achievements

During the 2016/17 year the Rainbow Trust was very privileged to have had 10 "funders", both local and international.

This enabled us to provide comprehensive services and support to hundreds of orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantage families.

We achieved excellent results through our various feeding schemes reducing both malnutrition and hunger significantly.

These are our achievements:


Adequate Funding is Essential !

The Rainbow Trust has amazing dedicated and trained staff who are extremely capable of delivering comprehensive community and social development services and support to the 5 communities we serve.

However this is totally dependent on having the available funding to enable this.

Our funding in the 2017/18 year has been significantly reduced due to the difficult economic conditions worldwide.

This, unfortunately has forced us to cut back services and support with terrible consequences, specifically for our orphans and vulnerable children.  

The only available option available to them is to join a gang and adapt to that lifestyle which involves drugs, crime, violence, rape, teenage pregnancies, HIV, abuse of women and children and domestic violence, often ending in jail or possible death. 

We are appealing to everyone living in the Overstrand to understand these consequences as we are all exposed to the crime and the terrible  "drug" Tsunami that is plaguing our communities.

The Hermanus Rainbow Trust is ready and capable of supporting and protecting our children if we have the available funding.

PLEASE consider making a donation !

Not matter how small, it all makes a difference ! 

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