Rainbow Trust Feeding Schemes

"Parenting Worx"

All of the members attending the various "Parenting Worx" sessions get a meal at lunch time. The meal is prepared by our cooks and is based on a nutritional diet provided by a Nutritionist.

Grade R School

The Grade R school has 96 children who all get a meal at lunch time on week days.

HIV Awareness and Prevention Programme 

We have both adult and children HIV Support Groups who meet weekly. They receive light refreshments at their sessions.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsored children in the "Sponsor a Child" Programme get food parcels every month. 


During the 2015/16 year we had additional funding and we were able to feed over 200 children a day through our Children's Circle of Support programme, however with the limited funding we have this year we are unable to feed any of them.

Please consider funding us ! 

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