Protection Achievements

Protect Achievements

Protection for our Orphans and Vulnerable Children  

Achievements 2015/16 

As you can see from the image above that we were able to do so much for our children during 2015/16. Providing them with safe protected activities that are not only developmental but achieved our main goal of preventing our children from being exposed to gangs and drug dealers and getting into these horrific life styles. 

We also got the Community involved in various protest marches to raise awareness of the"abuse of women and children" and the number of "suicides and murders" in Zwelihle. 

With additional funding we would be able to protect far more orphans and vulnerable children as well as Woman from gangs, drug dealers and abuse. 

Please consider making a monthly recurring donation for 6 or 12 months to enable us achieve similar results to what we achieved in 2015/16.

Please consider making a donation

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