Critical activities

Critical Community Activities To Alleviate Poverty

Alleviating Poverty, malnutrition, hunger and child mortality in our disadvantaged communities is by far our biggest challenge and is the catalyst in all our "community and social development" programmes.

We focus on 5 critical activities that we have found achieve all our goals and aspirations.

However these services are only as effective as the available funding which is very constrained at the current time with only 4 "funders" in 2017.

Our best year was in 2015/16 when we had 10 "funders". We have inserted our achievements for that period for you to see our capabilities and to consider making a donation that will enable us to achieve similar results by providing many more people with comprehensive support and caring. 

These 5 critical activities include:

  • Feeding  We have a number of feeding schemes that focus on ensuring no one goes to bed hungry   
  • Clothing  We provide school uniforms and clothing to both children and adults in need
  • Supporting  We provide a whole range of support to orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged families
  • Protecting We provide our children with after-school activities to protect them from the gangs and the drug dealers 
  • Educating   All of our programmes have an educational agenda included in the programmes.